A changed world!

IP telephony has grown exponentially over the last 2 decades. And many companies have finally realized the value of full convergence and voice-enabled applications. With the event of Covid-19, the time has come to look at different ways of doing business. As a result, words like seamless, efficient, and with minimal cost have become common. This has all meant that teams are now required to work remotely.

Today the world has never been better positioned than it is right now for this new explosion in cloud communications.

Benefits of cloud UC.

The benefits of IP telephony in the beginning were considerable, but the focus has shifted and now the spotlight is on unified communications (UC). So where companies previously made telephony a seamless part of information technology, they’re now making it part of their cloud strategy.

And all of this after the event of mass workforce decentralization and lockdown trends seen across the world.

Cloud communications are essentially our communication services and applications that are hosted by us here at Nexys. These services are all accessed via the Internet. You can learn about Nexys, a real Cloud Communications solution on our cloud communications page.

Traditional telephony is rapidly being replaced by Cloud telephony with many benefits to business, some are mentioned below.

  • Scalable – unlimited capacity to add users as your business grows

  • Manage with ease – easily administrate your PBX through your browser from anywhere in the world.

  • Available – high availability solution designed with disaster recovery embedded for total peace of mind.

  • Rock Solid – reliability that means you don’t have to worry load shedding or power outages. Nexys is always there!

  • Total Cost of Ownership – Nexys CLOUD’s low total cost of ownership adds real value in today’s marketplace.

  • Entirely Cloud Based – we’ll look after your PBX so you can focus on what’s important to you – your customers!

The Future!

As the focus of unified communications now turns to business process integration, organizations are looking for easier ways to work.

The Nexys embedded UC capabilities makes things like presence, voicemail, and unified messaging—an integral part of your telephony system. and what’s more, it can even integrate directly into their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

UC is simply just another word for what Nexys is at the core!

Integrate your business phone system and enable users to increase productivity, streamline workflows and collaborate with ease. Gain market edge to ultimately drive sales and increase your bottom line.

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You don’t buy a car before you test drive it – then why invest in the most import tool for you business communications any other way?